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International Scientific Symposium entitled (A Future Perspective for Promoting Sport Culture)

The Saudi Sport Culture Federation (SSCF) concluded on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the 2nd International Scientific Symposium entitled (A Future Perspective for Promoting Sport Culture) in the presence of figures representing a number of local, Arab and international, universities and federations, in addition to some ministries and Saudi governmental authorities. It was also participated by presidents and representatives of Arab and international federations along with representatives of national ministries, authorities and committees.

The symposium consisted of four (4) sessions; the first one was the Opening Session which included keynote speeches of the president of the SSCF: Dr. Suleiman Al-Jaloud, and the CEO of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the President of the Arab Sprot Culture Federation and the President of the International Sport & Culture Federation. The second session revolved about the Role of Ministries and Authorities in Promoting Sports Culture. The third one was about Sport Culture Strategies in the Arab States. The fourth and last session was about the Role of Sport Culture in the Realization of Sustainable Development.

The symposium was concluded by Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari and came out with the following recommendations:

1. Making agreements with the Ministry of Education to prepare a plan for the promoting sport culture at schools and universities.

2. Inclusion of a scientific subject on sport culture to be taught in the health and physical education course.

3. Establishing partnerships with the Ministry of Health to cooperate in the preparation of brochures, fliers and infographic layouts to promote the sport culture as a pattern and lifestyle for all members of society.

4. Supporting the role of the audio, visual, and print media in the promotion sports culture to the various sectors of society

5. Using modern technology, including applications and IA in disseminating the sport culture.

6. Emphasizing the importance of the role of volunteering through sport platforms or sport community organizations in supporting and promoting sport culture.

7. Supporting the publication of scientific journals specialized in sport culture.

8. Inviting national companies and institutions to support and sponsor the promotion of sport culture.

9. Organizing periodic meetings with various community organizations to hold workshops and lectures to promote and spread the sport culture.

10.Highlighting the importance of sport culture in supporting the economic and social aspects to achieve the sustainable development.

11. Launching several local and international initiatives for the promotion of sport culture at the national, regional and international levels.

12. Promoting the sport culture diplomacy to deal with various sporting eventsز

13.Establishing academic programs in cooperation with national and international academies and universities that qualify specialists in sports culture.

14. Enhancing relations among the Arab sports culture federations to prepare an Arab strategy for sport culture.

15.Cooperating with the International Sprot & Culture Federation in the issuance of an international license for certified sport culture specialists.

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