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The President's Message

The Saudi Federation for Sports Culture seeks to spread the noble and humane sports values ​​that educate the Saudi citizen about the importance and history of sports that develop the national spirit and spread peace and tolerance among the peoples of the earth. The federation also focuses on following up and evaluating all that happens in the Saudi, regional and international sports arenas and raising proposals and solutions for the relevant sports and community sectors to bring Saudi sport to the highest level of transparency and objectivity in achieving the lofty sporting goals that the federation aspires to achieve. The Federation also aims to hold seminars, scientific conferences, and various events and occasions to spread sports awareness to the Saudi society to clarify the importance of sports to the society in all economic, social, health and psychological aspects and to develop scientific solutions to reach the concept of practicing sports to its highest levels. It is also keen on developing the intellectual capital available to it and doubling its capabilities. The Union has no way but to move according to an integrated visionAnd a clear message, core values, realistic strategic goals, and benefit from its available human, financial and material resources in order to achieve the aspirations of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee in upgrading and advancing the cultural and sports reality. The reality of the union confirms the growth of the concept of strategic thinking among many leaders, the clarity of future paths and directions, identification of the available strengths and opportunities and how to invest and benefit from them, identifying existing and potential weaknesses and threats (restrictions), and how to deal with them and limit their negative effects. In light of the increasing reduction of informational separations between societies and institutions, including peer federations Also, the wide range of communication and information technologies and the diversity of areas of interactions and influences between them, and between the internal and external the president’s message of the Union, here the strategic planning is the effective professional tool for the survival of the Union in its distinction, leadership, stability, growth and development in its future course. The presidency of the Federation, with this modest effort, is trying to contribute to motivating its employees to do more and work to update their knowledge, develop their skills and develop their abilities in the areas of thinking, management and strategic planning. And the application of this knowledge in the cultural and sports environment to promote and advance work and meet the requirements and needs of society. In this regard, I can only thank the strategic plan team, which accomplished this professional work and which eventually led to the creation of the plan after implementing a distinguished series of specialized workshops, which clearly influenced the work, wishing everyone success and the president’s message in the service of the Kingdom.


Dr. Sulaiman Omar Al-Jaloud

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