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The Bases, Goals and Prior initiatives

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1-Societal Responsibility:

Strategic Goal #1

  1. Spreading sports culture in society

Initiative 1-1-1: Holding educational seminars at universities and schools to spread the culture of sports in the community.

Initiative 2-1-1: Organizing and hosting sporting events for practicing sports in different cities in the Kingdom.

Initiative 3-1-1: Organizing and hosting sporting events for practicing sports in different cities in the Kingdom.

Initiative 4-1-1: Organizing and hosting sporting events for practicing sports in different cities in the Kingdom.

Initiative 5-1-1: Sports culture for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.

Strategic Goal #2

  1. Strengthening the national identity of the Saudi society through sport culture

  • Initiative 1-2-1: Sport culture enhances the national identity.

  • Initiative 2-2-1: Promoting sports culture institutions in support of the sports identity.

  • Initiative 3-2-1: Strengthening the national identity during sporting events.

  • Initiative 4-2-1: Promoting the concepts of rejecting intolerance, prejudice and racism in the sports field.

  • Initiative 5-2-1: Enhancing the concept of governance, integrity and transparency in sports bodies.

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2-Scientific Research Strategic:

Strategic Goal #3

3- Establishing an academic scientific centre Initiative

  • Initiative 1-3-2: Founding a semi - annually refereed scientific journal ( Scientific Research ) .

  • Initiative 2-3-2: Founding a quarterly educational magazine ( for articles in support of sports culture ).

  • Initiative3-3-2: Publishing and marketing the magazine, in both paper and electronic forms.

  • Initiative 4-3-2: Establishing the Saudi Federation Award for Sports Culture. Initiative 5-3-2: Supporting educational publications in the field of sports (translation - authoring ).

  • Initiative 6-3-2: Holding scientific conferences, symposia and workshops . 

3-Work Environment:

Strategic Goal #4

4-Supporting volunteer work in organizing sporting events and activities

  • Initiative 1-4-3: Forming volunteer teams to assist in educational sporting events and activities.

  • Initiative 2-4-3: Promoting the culture of volunteer work in the sports field . Initiative 3-4-3: Creating an educational electronic volunteering platform for the Federation linked to the national volunteering platform for the Federations’ linked to the national volunteering platform.

  • Initiative 4-4-3: Holding educational competitions and utilizing them to distribute the Federations' educational publications

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Strategic Goal #5

5-Promoting the culture of practicing sport for health

  • Initiative 1-5-3: Enhancing the culture of sports to promote community health . Initiative 2-5-3: Promoting the culture of sports to maintain weight.

  • Initiative 3-5-3: Promoting the culture of sports for nutrition and lifestyle practices.

  • Initiative 4-5-3: Participating in international initiatives related to sports and health.

4-Development and Quality:

Strategic Goal #6

6-Building a base of specialists in the field of sports culture

  • Initiative1-6-4:  Preparing specialized cadres through training courses.

  • Initiative 2-6-4: Setting up academic programs in cooperation with educational institutions to prepare specialists in sports culture

  • Initiative 3-6-4: Designing and developing a sports culture specialist - licensing program.

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Strategic Goal #7

7-Forming an administrative structure in line with the vision of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic committees

  • Initiative 1-7-4: Designing an administrative structure for the committees of the Federation in cities of the Kingdom.

  • Initiative 2-7-4: Holding instructional and sporting events through committees and under the supervision of the Federation.

  • Initiative 3-7-4: Training committee staff to develop their abilities to interact with society and spread correct ideas about sports .

  • Initiative 4-7-4: Obtaining ISO 9001-2015

5-Financial Diversification and Rationalization of Expenditures

Strategic Goal #8

8-Partnering with community bodies

  • Initiative 1-8-5: Holding educational and informative competitions for different groups of society.

  • Initiative 2-8-5:Preparing an action plan to implement the items agreed upon in the partnerships.

  •  Initiative3-8-5: Establishing research chairs for sports culture.

  • Initiative4-8-5: Cooperating with sports federations to spread the culture of each sport.

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Strategic Goal #9

9-Creating self-financing resources for the federation in accordance with the instructions of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

  • Initiative1-9-5: Marketing the Federation's activities to target companies.

  • Initiative2-9-5: Signing agreements with sponsors and financiers of the Federation's activities.

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