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صاحب السمو الملكي الامير عبدالعزيز بن تركي الفيصل رئيس اللجنة الاولمبية السعودية والدكتور

About Us

A brief history of the Saudi Arabian Sport Culture Federation (SSCF)


 The Saudi Arabian Sport Culture Federation (SSCF) was established after the Minister of Sports and Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, approved the new formation of a number of boards of directors of Saudi sports federations, committees and associations for the 2021-2024 electoral cycle held on 10/11/1442 AH, corresponding to May 23, 2021, including the establishment of The Saudi Arabian Sport Culture Federation (SSCF) headed by Dr. Sulaiman bin Omar Al-Jaloud. The establishment of the federation synchronizes with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 aiming to reach sport achievements and enhance the health of society by promoting the sports culture among its different classes by sponsoring and organizing events that contribute to stimulating the practice of sport, so as to improve the quality of life, achieve consistent health development, keep pace with the latest global developments in sports culture and finally to satisfy local and regional needs.


   The Saudi Arabian Sport Culture Federation (SSCF) focuses on spreading the noble and humane sports values ​​that educate Saudi people about the importance and history of sports, which, in turn, contribute in developing the national spirit and promoting peace and tolerance amongst world nations. Moreover, the federation concentrates on following up and evaluating the latest events in local, regional and international sports arenas as well as putting forward proposals and solutions to the relevant sports and community sectors to help Saudi sport reach to the highest level of transparency and objectivity which lead to achieving lofty sporting goals that the federation aspires to reach. The Federation also aims to hold seminars, scientific conferences, and various events and occasions to raise sports awareness to among the Saudi society to clarify the importance of sports in all economic, social, health and psychological aspects and to suggest scientific solutions to promote the concept of practicing sports to its highest levels.


Any individual either an athlete or spectator must understand and assimilate an appropriate amount of sports culture. There are many general issues and topics related to sports culture such as the history of Olympic and international sports achievements, topics related to aspects of the philosophy of sports, physical activity, and proper healthy nutrition, and topics related to rules of games. On the other hand, there are topics that are applicable to specific and qualitative sports culture, which is related to sports and the rules of competitions organized and managed by special plans and strategies. Sports culture also plays an influential and effective role in spreading and consolidating the principles of sportsmanship amongst players, as well as raising awareness and eradicating undesirable behavior.


   Sports culture in modern research has gone beyond the physical aspects of research to incorporate psychological, ethical, aesthetic, recreational and cultural arenas. It is an important means of deepening the citizen's relationship with his homeland and reality. All above-mentioned concepts and goals cannot be achieved randomly, but rather should be programmed and planned via schools, colleges, television, newspapers, radio, cinema or festivals, aiming at educating a good citizen. Sports culture “is the incessant and unfaltering support of human experience through sports activities, which in turn leads to a better understanding and appreciation of the environment in which individuals find themselves an integral part of it”.

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