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Attaining leadership and excellence in promoting sports culture at both local and international levels

Raising people’s awareness of sports culture through different initiatives and events to improve the quality of life as well as attaining sustainable health development.

About  SSCF

 The Saudi Sports Culture Federation was established after Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports and Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, approved the new formation of a number of boards of directors of Saudi sports federations, committees and associations, in the 2021-2024 electoral cycle, which was held on 10/11/1442 AH, corresponding to May 23, 2021, including the establishment of the Saudi Sports Culture Federation headed by Dr. Suleiman bin Omar Al-Jaloud. The establishment of the federation comes within the framework of achieving the Kingdom's 2030 Vision, which aims to achieve sports achievements and enhance the health of the community by upgrading the sports culture for all its categories by sponsoring and organizing events that contribute to stimulating the practice of sports, improving the quality of life and achieving sustainable health development, and to keep pace with global developments in sports culture and meet the local and regional requirements.

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Raising awareness of sports culture for all segments of society through initiatives and events to improve the quality of life and achieve sustainable health development.

Our Values

The mission of the Saudi Federation for Sports Culture Federation (SSCF) is supported by a set of common values that form the core of its activities and ensure its consistency with the mission and strategic plans of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee. The Federation is committed to the following professional values:

Social Justice

to promote culture of social justice


to ensure full transparency without bias or discrimination


to provide services and support to the local community and national community in general


to develop an innovative new cultural sports system for coming future generations


to be distinguished by professionalism, commitment and mutual respect

Creativity and Innovation

to support and develop cooperation, innovation and understanding

Leadership and Responsibility

Federation members, staff and students are expected to adhere religiously to their responsibilities


to encourage creativity and innovation in research and teaching by offering prestigious awards

The Federation  priority goals and initiatives in this strategic plan

1. Attaining proficiency and excellence in the fields of sports culture, scientific research and sports community service.


2. Enhancing the national identity in sports by providing the necessary support and appropriate facilities for sports federations and clubs.


3. Raising cultural awareness of the concept of sport, its history, and its significance in other societies, as well as achieving comprehensive quality in regard to providing courses, workshops and scientific research, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


4. Developing the potentialities of coaches, players, administrators, referees, sports leaders and human cadres in sports federations and clubs and in society in general.


5. Partnering with public and private sectors to achieve sustainability in the Federation's activities.


6. Educating and encouraging all classes of society to practice recreational and competitive sports and health-promoting physical activities.


7. Creating various self-financing sources for the federation.


8. Strengthening good governance system, principle of transparency and integrity through establishing an administrative structure that supports development and quality.


9. Eradicating sports illiteracy, eliminating negative views towards exercise and sport as well as promoting different sports

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